new york bridal fashion week - sets my soul on fire.

new york bridal fashion week - sets my soul on fire.

how joon came about:

hey y'all- beth here, owner of joon.

years ago, when shopping for my own wedding dress, i spent countless hours in the south (shout-out) trying to find something untraditional & minimal with a hint of bohemian- with no luck.

i ended up purchasing my gown from a shop in l.a. & thought, "southerners are cool too, why don't we have any modern, creative bridal shops in our hood?!" lightbulb... joon! 

truly, joon aspires to be an outlet for brides searching for something different... a breath of fresh air, without all the taffeta & overwhelming amount of organza.

joon isn't for everyone- and that's okay, but if you're a confident woman, who knows what she wants... we'd love for you to be a #joonbride. 


meet joon's owner, beth-

photo cred: freckled fox photography

photo cred: freckled fox photography

truly, the most important details about me are that i’m married to a stud & am a proud mama of 3- all while living my career dreams through joon.

if you’re interested in my resume… welp, here are the cliff notes.

  • uofa grad with a degree in fashion.

  • interned in nyc for a fashion magazine & bridal designer.

  • spent 7 years working in corporate merchandising & analytics. bada boom bada bing.